Aww Hell To The NO! Diddy and Cameron Diaz A Couple?

daddy & DiazThe NY Daily News has officially lost their damn minds! Cameron Diaz and Diddy are a reported couple!

The actress and the hip-hop/fashion mogul certainly have become cozy – and fond of playing hide and seek.

Back in March, they had dinner in L.A., and, for some reason, felt it necessary to leave separately through the restaurant’s kitchen. Last month, they were looking very affectionate in SoHo’s Sub-Mercer lounge. According to witnesses, the pair disappeared into a private room for about 20 minutes while a guard stood outside the door.

Diaz had a big hug for Mr. Combs at the Beverly Hills party he threw last month to celebrate his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. More telling was their intimacy at Prince’s house last Friday.

Sly Stallone, John Legend, Eddie Murphy, Babyface and other guests were riveted by the 2 1/2-hour backyard concert the funkster gave to launch his book, “21 Days.” But Diaz and Diddy seemed only to have eyes for each other.

During the show, they laughed and held hands. At one point, while Diddy sipped a Grey Goose, Cameron told him he “must” try her bread pudding, which she proceeded to spoon-feed him. After some whispering, Diddy nodded toward Prince’s mansion.

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Once inside, he led Diaz by the hand through its labyrinthine corridors to Prince’s basement. That’s where we came upon the entranced twosome standing in the theater’s doorway. Diddy was bringing his lips toward hers when he realized someone was approaching. Smiling, they closed the theater’s door and locked it. We heard them giggling inside.

Diddy said he and Diaz did not go into a private room at the Sub-Mercer, adding, “It is ridiculous that two celebrities of the opposite sex can’t just hang out with a group of friends without it being reported as more than that. We are just friends.”

Diaz’s rep had no immediate comment, but the actress recently told InStyle that she loved dating again after her breakup with Justin Timberlake, “Men are the best!” she proclaimed. “Sex is the best!” Diddy – whose mantra is “Preserve the sexy!” – couldn’t argue with that….

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