Apparently, a reader went to a party in Houston hosted by Kim Kardashian and knew something was up when Kimmy was hiding behind shades all night and refused to take photos. Apparently, a Houston promoter is going around throwing huge club parties promoting Kim Kardashian but the problem is, the girl is not Kim. Kim writes on her site

Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, let one journalist have an earful about a write up she did on the purple tutu that Mrs. Bryant rocked on the floor the night Kobe received his MVP trophy.

img4Recently Ne-Yo worked with Lindsay Lohan on her new song called “Bossy” Ne-Yo says “I gotta admit, we were like … Lindsay Lohan?’” Ne-Yo laughed, continuing “I mean, I’ve written for Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Celine Dion and … Lindsay Lohan?

LL Cool J is designing a juniors’ line for Sears that’s debuting in September. Yes, a juniors’ line. We never really pictured him as a clothing designer, much less for the teen and tween set.

Looks like my conspiracy plan against Oprah is starting to work. Little by little I am single handedly taking down her empire. Reports are showing that her support and popularity in her show and magazines and life is declining. I would say that sounds like a victory for Team Hotsauce.

Over the weekend it was reported that Brangie had spent some of their hard-earned cash on a $60-$70 million mega estate in the South of France. They didn’t buy the joint. They are only renting it. Broke fucks! They probably got their furniture from Rent-A-Center.


img21In less than a year, Barack Obama went from being an obscure, first-term U.S. senator to the projected Democratic presidential nominee.

On Tuesday, Obama became the first African-American to head the ticket of a major political party, beating out Sen. Hillary Clinton, who was hoping to become the first female nominee.

The two Democratic candidates fought a protracted and, at times, bitter battle that carried them through every state and brought nearly 35 million of their supporters to the polls.

When Obama declared his candidacy in February 2007, he faced an uphill battle. Clinton, a former first lady and New York senator, was the favored candidate.

Eleven months later, Obama proved the cynics wrong. He won Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses and, in what he called a “defining moment in history,” he told his supporters “change is coming.”

Ne-Yo Gets 24 Hours Of Community Service

ne yoSinger-songwriter Ne-Yo pleaded guilty Monday to driving without a license. He pleaded no contest to a reckless driving charge in Cobb State Court.

The Grammy-winning R&B singer is listed in the court files by his given name, Shaffer Chimere Smith Judge Roland Castellanos sentenced him to 24 hours of community service.

He must perform a concert for the Boys & Girls Club.He was also fined $1,000 and must attend a defensive driving class. The R&B singer lives in Mableton.

Ne-Yo was pulled over by Cobb police on Feb. 19 on South Cobb Drive and Cobb Parkway.At 2:28 a.m., police clocked his maroon Range Rover as going 105 mph in a 55 mph zone. He was given a ticket for reckless driving. He was also given a ticket for not having a Georgia license. Ne-Yo told police he had lived in Georgia for one year.

Aww Hell To The NO! Diddy and Cameron Diaz A Couple?

daddy & DiazThe NY Daily News has officially lost their damn minds! Cameron Diaz and Diddy are a reported couple!

The actress and the hip-hop/fashion mogul certainly have become cozy – and fond of playing hide and seek.

Back in March, they had dinner in L.A., and, for some reason, felt it necessary to leave separately through the restaurant’s kitchen. Last month, they were looking very affectionate in SoHo’s Sub-Mercer lounge. According to witnesses, the pair disappeared into a private room for about 20 minutes while a guard stood outside the door.

Diaz had a big hug for Mr. Combs at the Beverly Hills party he threw last month to celebrate his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. More telling was their intimacy at Prince’s house last Friday.

Sly Stallone, John Legend, Eddie Murphy, Babyface and other guests were riveted by the 2 1/2-hour backyard concert the funkster gave to launch his book, “21 Days.” But Diaz and Diddy seemed only to have eyes for each other.

During the show, they laughed and held hands. At one point, while Diddy sipped a Grey Goose, Cameron told him he “must” try her bread pudding, which she proceeded to spoon-feed him. After some whispering, Diddy nodded toward Prince’s mansion.

presents from

Once inside, he led Diaz by the hand through its labyrinthine corridors to Prince’s basement. That’s where we came upon the entranced twosome standing in the theater’s doorway. Diddy was bringing his lips toward hers when he realized someone was approaching. Smiling, they closed the theater’s door and locked it. We heard them giggling inside.

Diddy said he and Diaz did not go into a private room at the Sub-Mercer, adding, “It is ridiculous that two celebrities of the opposite sex can’t just hang out with a group of friends without it being reported as more than that. We are just friends.”

Diaz’s rep had no immediate comment, but the actress recently told InStyle that she loved dating again after her breakup with Justin Timberlake, “Men are the best!” she proclaimed. “Sex is the best!” Diddy – whose mantra is “Preserve the sexy!” – couldn’t argue with that….

“12 Play” More Like 12 Years….

The “Where” is easier than the “Who” or the “When.”

R. kellyLisa Van Allen Monday became the seventh witness at R. Kelly’s child pornography trial to testify about the notorious “log cabin room” where they believe the R&B superstar videotaped himself engaging in sex acts with his goddaughter when the girl was as young as 13.

The room is in the basement of a home Kelly used to own in Lake View. The house also has a small indoor basketball court. Van Allen testified that Kelly had or attempted three-way sex with her and his then-underaged goddaughter in both rooms in late 1998 when the goddaughter would have been 14 years old.

The log cabin room’s distinctive blonde half-log paneling serves as the back-drop for both the tape at the heart of this case and, sources say, also for another tape of Kelly and another young-looking girl. That video was included on bootleg versions of the R. Kelly sex tape available on the street.

The jurors will not see that other video because law enforcement authorities do not know if the girl in that encounter was underage at the time the footage was shot.

Some called the room the “hot tub room.” Others called it “the Colorado room.” The best friend of the girl prosecutors say appears in the videotape called it the “sauna room.” After she used those wordson the stand, Kelly shook his head and whispered something to his lead attorney.

When Kelly’s attorneys put on their case, they can argue that the man in the tape only looks like Kelly, the girl only looks like Kelly’s goddaughter and the room only looks like the hot tub room in Kelly’s old house.

But prosecutors have been trying during the first two weeks to lay a solid foundation that looks are not deceiving in the tape. While prosecutors do not know when the tape was made, they have introduced one law enforcement officer after another to testify to what they believe is the exact address of the Lake View house Kelly owned, where witnesses said his goddaughter spent time.

You Couldn’t Ask For Better PR!

Presidential candidate Barack Obama already leads Sen. Hillary Clinton in super-delegates, the popular vote and practically everything else but now the Illinois Senator has another endorsement people would kill for- Halle Berry’s boobs!

Halle was spotted leaving an LA office building today looking almost identical to her pre-baby self! Damn her! The new mom also showed off her political support for our next President Barack Obama.

R. Kelly Trial: Girl Brought Overnight Bag

r kellyOnly in the second week of the R. Kelly child pornography trial, the years of dirty-dealings are finally stacking up against Kells. And at this point, the question is not whether Robert is going to jail but only for how long….

The young girl who allegedly appears in a sex video with R. Kelly visited the R&B star’s recording studio regularly, did her homework there and once brought an overnight bag, Kelly’s former personal assistant testified Tuesday.

Lindsey Perryman, now a recording company executive, said she met the girl at Chicago Trax Recording Studio one night in 1999 as the girl arrived with her parents and brother.

“She had a pillow and an overnight bag with her,” Perryman said. The girl “would come there after school and do her homework,” Perryman said.

The girl, born in 1984, would have been 14 for most of 1999. Prosecutors contend the tape was made between 1998 and 2000.